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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday 2013

It’s almost bed-time for me this Ash Wednesday, but as my habit has often been during Lent, I am going to be blogging daily gratitude. It’s one of the things I choose to “pick up” during Lent, rather than only concentrating on the things I hope to leave behind.

In addition to the daily gratitude, I am picking up this book with a group of people gathered (electronically) by my friend Doreen. I am really looking forward to reading this.

As far as giving up; this year I am “giving up” three “c’s”. Criticism, complaining and comparing. As I asked God what He would have for me this season, and listened for the response, this is what came to mind. The first two will be especially challenging for me in my job. Already today I was forced to bite my tongue more than once. It could be a loooooooooooong 40 days! Winking smile The comparing part is both not demeaning others or my own self.

Pre-Lent gratitude that I have been keeping track of since the beginning of 2013…
  1. Having someone to go to the gym with.
  2. A gym that is close to the house and very reasonably (about $15 a month) priced.
  3. A little looseness in the schedule lately with a day off from work here and there.
  4. A toasty warm home when the weather is dreadful outside.
  5. Knowing I'll get to see my Daddy in May.
  6. A bright sunshiny boy who turns 13 this week.
  7. Sunday lunch with good friends and our next "date" already on the calendar.
  8. Knowing my limits.
  9. Reading 3 whole books in January!
    …and adding more…
  10. A teenaged boy who gets excited about sweet potato fries and turkey burgers for dinner.
  11. A big sister who volunteered to help her brother learn the world of email and Facebook on his long-awaited birthday.
  12. Consistency in going to the gym and feeling my body grow stronger.
  13. How sometimes strangers are “friends not met yet.”
  14. Valentines Day cards left on the dining room table by a traveling vicar.
  15. Forcing yourself to stop counting because you’re solo parenting for the next few days and it’s time for bed.

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