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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saying goodbye in the snow

Today we said goodbye, in the midst of a quiet, drifting snow. It seemed appropriate, this gentle blanketing and stifling of our grief.

The last time I saw her, we stood on the parkway outside of church in the sunshine and exchanged hugs. We declared ourselves both huggers in a world where hugs are often wanting.

The last time we spoke was on the phone. I had written her a note to let her know that we, that I, missed her at church. She called to thank me. We talked about me taking them a meal. I texted her some time later to let her know that I hadn’t forgotten.

But I never took that meal, and though it was not out of malice, that lack compounds the sadness of a life cut short. So many missed opportunities, memories never to be made.

The worship at the end of the service was full of life and drums. Perhaps it seemed not funerally appropriate to some, but I could see her smiling and tapping her foot.

The sky cried frozen tears that covered a multitude of things today.

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